Recently tennis icon Andre Agassi revealed some insight into his and wife Steffi Graf’s married life. The couple’s everyday joys made them the perfect doubles partners for over 20 years.


Like a sports fairytale, the eight-time Grand Slam winner married his fellow tennis legend Steffi Graf in 2001. She also collected a whopping 22 Grand Slam titles throughout her career. It seems the pair found his perfect match and their partnership thrives on and off the court after having been married for over 20 years. 


The duo recently attended pickleball championships at a tournament in Florida. The 53-year-old tennis legend said in an exclusive interview, “Well, it’s easy to be champions when you choose your opponents,” He also added, ” But no, it was a great outlet for us. We do love doing it, we love doing it together.”



The couple share two kids Jaden and Jaz who are inspiring them to perform as a successful couple. Andre said, “We love cooking together. We love hiking together. We love even grocery shopping together, dividing and conquering. So it’s real life. And we’re blessed.”


The Las Vegas native counts himself lucky after two decades of marriage. He used the word “blessed” twice to explain the depth of his and Steffi’s partnership. Andre also shared one secret as the key to marital success. He emphasizes playing the long game. He said, “No, I mean, I think it’s like success in life or in anything you do. I think there’s a determination you have to be in the most of yourself, in the balance of the most of what somebody needs from you, giving what it is you have to give and not attempting to give what you don’t. But not leaving anything in the tank when you can give it right.”



Then Andre continued, “There’s respect, there’s a discipline, there’s a commitment. And then you need two that are doing that, everything else will get in balance. And we work on it every day, and I’ll never stop.”