As the 2022-23 A-League Men season approaches, soccer fans eagerly await the inspiring stories of underdog teams rising to the top. Last year, Western United claimed the Grand Final victory and will face Melbourne City in the season opener. This article delves into the key information about all 12 clubs competing in the league, highlighting their potential to defy expectations and achieve greatness.

Adelaide United: Consistent Contenders

Adelaide United finished 4th last season, consistently making it to the finals. With key players like Ben Halloran, Craig Goodwin, Alexandar Popovic, and Hiroshi Ibusuki, the team’s best-case scenario is competing for the Premiership and creating magic on the field. However, their worst-case scenario involves struggling with defensive depth and failing to reach the finals. Keep an eye on 20-year-old center-back Alexandar Popovic and potential fantasy bargain Nestory Irankunda. The National Curriculum podcast team predicts Adelaide United may struggle to improve due to a lack of midfield reinforcements.

Brisbane Roar: Rising from the Ashes

Brisbane Roar, another underdog team, has its share of best and worst-case scenarios. The best-case scenario sees them climbing the ranks and becoming a formidable force in the league, while the worst-case scenario involves a lackluster performance and an inability to make an impact. Despite the challenges, Brisbane Roar remains a team to watch as they strive for success.

Xero: Backing the Underdog in Women’s Soccer

Xero, a well-known accounting software company, has signed a sponsorship deal with the Football Association, further emphasizing their history of “backing the underdog.” Xero expressed interest in supporting women’s soccer even before England’s historic Euros win.
They have already finalized a five-year global women’s soccer partnership with FIFA and a three-year deal with the Football Association. This partnership will sponsor the England Women’s Senior Team and England Football, showcasing Xero’s commitment to uplifting underdog teams in the world of soccer.

The Underdog Spirit: A Driving Force in Soccer

The stories of underdog teams like Adelaide United and Brisbane Roar, as well as Xero’s support for women’s soccer, exemplify the spirit of defying expectations and achieving greatness. As the 2022-23 A-League Men season unfolds, fans will undoubtedly witness more inspiring stories of grassroots teams rising to glory, proving that anything is possible in the world of soccer.